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Sonic the Hedgehog, however, has only been pregnant a couple of times.Although Sonic the Preggo and Sonic the Hedgehog look very similar, they can be easily differentiated by Sonic the Preggo's significantly slower pace and his huge, homoerotic pregnant belly: Sonic the Hedgehog's homoerotic pregnant belly is significantly smaller than Sonic the Preggo's.

I guess I felt like, in the books, Nancy and Bess and Frank and Joe just constantly dated people who turned out to be criminals. but sadly, I only managed to cram in references to about twenty-one of them (plus a ND Case File or three). Incidentally, Chris Kline is not from any of the Super Mysteries. If you want to know where any of the other characters I reference come from, just PM me and I'll consult the spreadsheet I had to make to keep them all straight and let you know lol. After their first few leads turned out to be dead ends, they were stuck in what felt like an eternal research phase. Her eyes were red, and she looked like she was still—or again—on the verge of tears. ""I'm giving up on men." Bess moaned, and Nancy felt a surge of relief. " she asked, stroking a hand over Bess's hair."They just read the verdict." Bess sobbed. When she finished the story, Nancy went to her side, placing the steaming cup in her hands. "Well, what does it say about ." Nancy said soothingly. "I mean, he does his best, because he's really nice and everything, but I really don't think he always how important they are to you," she said.

Sonic the Hedgehog, like all other male Mobians, can only be with one litter at a time.

Not only is Sonic the Preggo capable of getting pregnant with several different litters at once, he is in fact eternally pregnant, and has been so since at least 1992.

It was essential for the body to remain intact after death, as it was the repository for the spiritual elements: the Ba, which could leave the tomb during the daytime, and the Ka, which always remained in the tomb.

This need for protection had a profound effect on the design of tombs from the start.

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