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This scripture, in the literal meaning, applies to the physical Jews and the Gentiles.But the principle that the error of a chosen race leads to salvation for the rest of us applies also to Adam and his sons, as we shall see. It is presumed that the changes were for evolutionary advantage. It is not known why Neanderthals died out 30,000 years ago.In the past the Archaeologist's view of man's ancient history over millions of years and the account of it in Genesis, spanning a time scale of either 7 'days' or of 77 generations from Adam to Jesus, have been viewed as conflicting, as contradictory and as mutually exclusive.We (the Lords' Witnesses) had previously taken the view that all 'History' before the flood was rubbish, in order to justify our acceptance of the Genesis account.Forty years later, learn the story behind the fossil that permanently changed scientists’ understanding of human origins. Donald Johanson woke up on the morning of November 24, 1974, feeling lucky.

Figure 3: Summary of the key geological horizons visible from Head Ledge towards Beachy Head lighthouse to the west and Eastbourne to the northeast. — A new study counters the view that tropical forests were pristine natural environments prior to modern agriculture and industrialization.Moreover, humans have in fact been having a dramatic impact ...The argument of the Archaeologist has been that man has indeed been around for hundreds of thousands of years and so Genesis is nonsense.The argument of the fundamental Christian has been that Genesis is true word for word and that human archaeology must therefore be nonsense.

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