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University student Nikki Wiart, right, and her friends, from left, Jessica Viens and Kayla Callfas tried taking American psychologist Arthur Aron's 36 questions for creating closeness onto Tinder.The results were posted to a blog where it was viewed by thousands.University student Nikki Wiart and her friends tried taking American psychologist Arthur Aron's 36 questions for creating closeness onto Tinder.EDMONTON — In the mid-1990s, American psychologist Arthur Aron conducted an experiment.Findings suggest that younger adults enhance the “self” when seeking romantic partnership. It is based off of a documentary film where the narrator of the current television show, Nev Schulman, went to meet his online love in person only to be shocked by the deception he found.A man and a woman would enter a room as complete strangers, then lob 36 probing questions back and forth, before gazing into each others’ eyes for four minutes.

I’ve marched, cried, cajoled, begged, written, picketed, and fought for the rights of women since before I was given the Jane Fonda award for outstanding displays of feminism in grade 12.

We used stratified sampling to obtain a sample equally divided by gender, aged 18–95 years.

We identified 12 themes in the profiles using Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count software (Pennebaker, Booth, & Francis, 2007).

The method for creating closeness began with a few conversation starters — Question 5: “When did you last sing to yourself?

” — before progressing to the deeply revealing, like Question 35: “Of all the people in your family, whose death would you find most disturbing? ”After Nikki Wiart flagged the viral Times article on Facebook, her friends joked about duplicating Aron’s experiment on Tinder.

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