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But her friend disputed the R5000 price saying that it would be an insult for a man to even attempt to give her that much after a night of passion."I don't come cheap and if you seek my attention you better be sure that your wallet is packed."I'm here to have fun and if you want to disturb my plans you should make sure that it's worth my time and sacrifice," she said.

“It is always helpful to check on one another all the time,” he said.Local parents say they have been complaining to the Thulamela Municipality about what is currently going on at the stadium, but nothing has been done to address the situation.“Our children are at risk of contracting diseases through the scattered used condoms which are being found all over the stadium.Even if we try to stop the children from going to the stadium they will still go because it’s the only playground which we have in our community,” said Grace Munisi, an angry mother who lives near the stadium.The Northern Cape has‚ however‚ seen a 8.9% increase with 1719 cases reported for 2015-16.Limpopo has also seen an increase of 1.3% with 4369 cases reported.

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