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It introduced concepts including spacetime as a unified entity of space and time, relativity of simultaneity, kinematic and gravitational time dilation, and length contraction.

In the field of physics, relativity improved the science of elementary particles and their fundamental interactions, along with ushering in the nuclear age.

With relativity, cosmology and astrophysics predicted extraordinary astronomical phenomena such as neutron stars, black holes, and gravitational waves.

Albert Einstein published the theory of special relativity in 1905, building on many theoretical results and empirical findings obtained by Albert A.

The Publishing Company looks forward to hosting our 2017 interns, Nancy Novotny and Andy Ditlzer, to build on this foundation.

Please visit our internship page to learn more about the program.

Bicycle prices include freight to dealer and assembly.I started to try to think of ways to spend some length of quality time in the South to attend singings and further my understanding of the tradition and its people, so I was delighted when the opportunity arose to work at the Sacred Harp Museum as the first participant in a pilot internship program.The Museum is located in the Sacred Harp Publishing Company Headquarters, on land donated by the Denney family, who have sung in West Georgia for many generations.Our internship program is possible thanks to generous donations from members of the Sacred Harp community. During the summer of 2016 I had the opportunity to spend a month working in the Sacred Harp Museum in Carrollton, Georgia, as the first resident intern in the Museum’s new internship program.I felt “like a kid in a candy shop” as I spent a blissful month learning, researching, connecting with people, and singing.

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