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Audrey is the latest creation of England's Sophie Kinsella, author of the best-selling comedic Shopaholic series starring credit-card loving Becky Bloomwood (now Brandon). USA TODAY has the first look at the jacket and an exclusive excerpt below. All I will say is: Try living inside my brain for a bit.)I can feel my heart pumping, but whether it's because of the noise or the people or because I'm with a hot-looking boy, I don't know.

Now Kinsella has written her first novel for young adults, Finding Audrey, due June 9 from Delacorte Press. (And yes, I appreciate most people would not equate low-level Starbucks chatter to a rock concert. "It's easy to keep a poker face when you're wearing dark glasses and a hoodie and you're looking off to one side."Yes, that's my name. ""Of course she's called Rhubarb," chimes in Linus.

I'm very familiar with teenagers, having two of my own — but most importantly, I remember being a teenager myself. We live about twenty minutes' walk from Starbucks, if you're striding.

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And that Nielsen report pegged the texting rate of 13 to 17 year olds at 3339 per month -- approximately what 18 to 24 year olds are now sending and receiving.I wanted to write a book with both pathos and comedy. A: Creating Audrey was one of those flashes of inspiration. As I started to tell Audrey's story, it became apparent that I was telling a story which would appeal to young adults, and it turned into a young adult book. As soon as I started to think about her, she seemed fully formed. My dark glasses are on, my hands are jammed in the pockets of my hoodie, and I've pulled the hood up for extra protection. But I am fairly certain that no one saw this outcome, this development, this new Audrey.She screams at him a lot, emasculating him, questioning his manhood. Their secrets and dalliances are interwoven and overlapping (all that talk of Tina and Paul and Chuck was just a parody of soap opera scheming and shenanigans).

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