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A fresh kitchen is just a few days' elbow grease away.Prep work and light, even coats are the keys to a successful paint job.Resurfacing kitchen cabinets can transform the appearance of the entire kitchen and is a much more affordable solution than replacing the cabinets.In the industry, it’s known as refacing kitchen cabinets and it can be done to any type of cabinet surface, including fake wood or wood veneer and laminate surfaces.

The cabinet doors and the surface of the frame will all need to be thoroughly cleaned with soap and water or a cleaning agent such as trisodium phosphate to remove dirt, grime, grease and body oils.

There are a number of refacing solutions for wood veneer and laminate cabinets.

The method you choose will depend on your budget, your new cabinet design preference and your skill as a do-it-yourself renovator.

But of course I thought I'd do a bit more research on other custom options and see if there was anything local or Canadian (which doesn't look like the case unless we go custom custom). SUPERFRONT Superfront, a Swedish brand offers up a wide selection of cabinet fronts, handles, legs and tops that are worth checking out if you're Europe/UK-side or for inspiration.

Here's a bit of inspiration and sources of what I found. CUSTOM This rustic version of photographer and interior designer Benedikte Ugland's kitchen is something to be inspired by (From 2012).

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